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Paul Hawkins, Sr.

My Story

Hello! I am Paul W. Hawkins Sr.  I was born and raised in the Beaumont area.  I graduated from Beaumont Charlton Pollard high school in 1977.  From that time to 2021 I have worked in local industries, where I have developed my abilities to lead and be a team player.  I am a man of God that believes in treating people with respect and dignity. 


I have been an affiliate of Compro-Tax since 2010. After retiring from local industry, I have become primarily focused on bringing professional service to my clients through the preparation of their tax returns.  I have also acquired the necessary credentials for writing insurance policies for Life, Accident, Health, & HMO policies, as well as document notarizations. Joining Compro-Tax was an easy decision for me due to the professionalism, integrity, knowledge, and camaraderie that has historically been exhibited.  I will continue to serve my clients with the best that we have to offer.

+ Also business categories ( Bookkeeping, Consulting):  Tax Preparer, Insurance Agent (Life, Accident, Health & HMO, Property and Casualty), Notary Public

Paul W. Hawkins Sr.

Tax Preparation / Life Insurance / Notary

2905 Laurel Ave.

Beaumont, TX 77702

Ofc. 409-832-1099

Fax: 409-832-2108


I am always looking for people who are looking for an opportunity.


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